IOW SPORTS Foundation Grants and Bursaries

Grants are available to all member clubs and organisations. (Membership costs £6 pa)

The IW Sports Foundation wants to help clubs and associations maximise participation and to help Island sportsmen and women gain the maximum benefit from their sport. We have a small pot of money available for grants and want to use this to its full potential.

Our immediate preference is to help groups and individuals make the best of the opportunities open to them and to open up new opportunities.

You could apply for help in gaining a coaching or refereeing/officiating qualification or buying in top-quality coaching.

Equally some clubs or individuals may need equipment and that is something we could look at too.

General running costs of a club or society would not generally be eligible for grant aid although we would look at a specific project that increased participation or opportunities.

We won't be able to say 'yes' to everyone but if we can make Island Sport stronger and more widespread we are pleased to do so.

Grants of up to £1,000 can be made and a panel of IW Sports Foundation trustees will assess applications on their merits.


All member clubs will receive e-mail notification of any funding opportunities that arise from other sources.


Funding Application

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