The Charity

The objects of the charity are to promote the development of sport and recreation for people living on or visiting  the Isle of Wight by such exclusively charitable means as the trustees think fit.

The charity provides grants to organisations or individuals to enable them to promote greater particpation in sport and physical activity: gives information and advice:  promotes sport and physical activity on the Isle of Wight: works for the maintainance and expansion of sporting facilities on the Isle of Wight: carries out research and co-operates with other bodies in promoting its aims.

The Trustees

Claire Beasley – Chairman
Gillian Burnett BEC
Kate Collins
Robin Vandeler Courage MBE
Martin Goodall
Clare Griffin
Nick Hessey
Alan Marriot
Susie Sheldon
Mark Waldron

The Executive Committee 

Claire Beasley, Chairman
Alec Broome
Gillian Burnett, Treasurer
Stuart Chatfield
Steve Dines
Tony Elgar
Clare Griffin
Terry Riddett
Anne Selby
Nick Stuart
Jacquie Tarry
Kevin Winchcombe  

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