2023 Sports Achievements Awards - Candidate Nomination Form

Please read the instructions before you fill in the form.


Please use most applicable

Junior: under 15
Intermediate: under 19
Senior: 19 or over

It is not recommended to fill this form out on a mobile phone.

Service to Sport

The winner of the Service to Sport award will be decided by the adjudication panel. Please nominate any worthy candidates for the 'Making a Difference' award and the adjudication panel will consider these nominees for both categories.

AGE BRACKETS (the age of the candidate, as of 31st December 2023):

Junior: under 15
Intermediate: under 19
Senior: 19 or over

Candidate's details

Candidate's full name:
Suggested category:
Sports Club:
Age (as of 31st December 2023): (if nominee is over 20, a rough guess is adequate) :
Date of Birth: (only mandatory for age related categories) :
Residential Address:

Nominator's details

Name of Nominating Official:
Name of the club of the person submitting the nomination:
Official position:

Achievements (if applicable)

The nominator is requested to provide fuller details of specific achievements be they at Club Level, County/Area/Regional level, National or International Level. Equally let us know of achievements/service that may not be reflected in prizes, ratings or awards. All these are the criteria on which the Adjudicators will base their assessment.

For an achievement award, achievements in 2023 only (from 1st Jan 2023 - 31st December 2023)
For a service award, all relevant achievements over past years (coach, volunteer etc).

Level of Achievement Details of achievements including dates

Supporting information

Please let us know why you are nominating this person/why they are a worthy candidate. The adjudication panel may not know of the person you are nominating, so we can only judge them on the information you submit. Please provide as much concise information as possible within the 500 word limit.

Any questions, please contact Sarah on awards@iowsports.org.

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