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Help your girls' team/crew find their MoJo this season. 


Give them their own MoJoManual. Written by a range of world-leading experts & designed to build confidence and resilience to overcome fear of judgement through sport . . . and the ability to grow that confidence into everyday life to become stronger more empowered women. 

MoJoManuals are predicated on 'Physical Literacy' but also cover a range of other emotive issues such as: body image, diet, breast health, fit or thin, social media, training with menstruation, coach attitude etc. – which impact how girls engage/drop out of sport – and potentially go on to be elite athletes and confident, mature young women outside of sport.

Bulk orders allow us to offer discounted prices for the start of the season. Packs of five can be purchased from the website at the discounted price of £25 inc. p&p. Larger orders for girls or parents and PTAs can bring prices down to £3.99/copy such that every girl/parent might have a copy.

Single copy price: £5.99 inc P&P

Please email info@wsnet.co.uk for bulk orders. Or order now from the website – www.wsnet.co.uk/mojomanuals - including digital copies of some MoJos



Includes injury prevention section based on Netball Australia's Knee Program - devised by Alanna Antcliff, The Diamonds' Physio.



Forward by Moya Dodd - with sections on S&C for dribbling, kicking, shooting, attacking & general ball handling. Already available in 'Brazilian' & Mandarin.



Includes an overview of strength & conditioning based on fundamental lacrosse movement skills - cradling, shooting, defending & ground balls.



Introduced by Annamarie Phelps with sections on resistance training, diet, core strength & posture/stability for better rowing. Also in Portuguese.


All MoJoManuals cover the following:

Menstruation & Sport

What's happening to my body & how do I cope? Advice on which exercises to focus on & what to avoid throughout the month. Plus diet, sleep & pain relief.

Resistance Training

How to build core strength & improve balance/posture as part of you S&C training without using weights - just balls & bands for confident fluid movement.


Injury Prevention

Warm up routines recommended by world-leading experts - designed to prepare you for matches/races - peak performance without injury!

Breast Health & Bras

Understanding what's happening as breasts develop. How to protect them & when/how to choose the right sports bra. Improving performance & reducing pain with the right support.

Female Athlete Triad

Understanding how diet, hydration, over training, amenorrhea & bone health are related - and how to maintain a healthy balance. Feel good about your sport!

Healthy Bones

Looking after your bones - avoiding injury, diet & routines to prevent keep your skeleton strong for sport today and in great shape for later in life!


More about HerMoJo:

WSNet is a not-for-profit organisation delivering the HerMoJo message to girls in both western and 'third world' communities. All profits from sale go towards supporting girls' organisations overseas to help them with the HerMoJo message:

'Empowerment through sport into Leadership'

If you would like to get involved - help produce a MoJo for your sport or translate into your language please get in touch with paul.r@wsnet.co.uk . More info here - www.WSNet.co.uk/MoJoManuals and follow us on Twitter @WSNet


The Women’s Sports Network (WSNet) is a self-funded, cooperative of individuals working independently as associates and part-time volunteers. It is a not-for-profit community approaching one hundred thousand worldwide. Crystallising the issues & coordinating opportunities around WomenSport & Fitness by working in partnership with commercial/NGBs/ educational/Charity organisations to raise the profile of WomenSport & SportsWomen. Advocating better access to Sport/FITNess, alleviating gender-bias and empowering women & girls through sport & fitness in their everyday lives.

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